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Apex Legends is something of an emerging force in the esports scene, but it’s certainly a contender for a high-ranking spot in the top 10 esports games lists. As an esports title, Apex Legends is equal parts exhilarating and cool to watch, and many streamers pull in remarkably high numbers with ease. Ultimately, it’s a popular game, and there’s plenty of life left in the battle royale epic, from EA. By 2022, Siege had amassed $24m in prize money, introduced approximately 2164 players, and seen 350 tournaments. By 2022, Call of Duty had amassed $50m in prize money, introduced approximately 4,800 players, and seen 1340 tournaments. By 2022, Overwatch had amassed $34m in prize money, introduced approximately 3,720 players, and seen 790 tournaments.

But by paying close attention to what’s going on behind the scenes at the biggest game developers and esports organisations, our news stories will hopefully help you see what could be the next big thing. So if you are keen to stay informed about the ever-changing world of esports, be sure to keep checking back to our esports news articles. But we won’t be just naming and shaming those esports stars who have proven to have a negative effect on competitive gaming. We will also be asking questions about some of the things that are holding esports back. Whether it’s investigating the toxic nature of some Reddit forums or even asking why there aren’t more female pro gamers, we will help you understand some of the negative trends that are stopping esports being embraced by the mainstream.

If you took a moment and watched the opening performance from The Nest in China I want you to pause a second right here and think about the logistics it took to make that happen. This still isn’t a full picture of the opportunities a higher education institution can assist with solidifying the industry infrastructure. Our goal at the University of Oklahoma is to advocate and partner with our academic components on campus to find ways to help each other in our individual and global missions alike.

Everyone is on an identical playing field aside from the car, which has a negligible effect on gameplay anyway – it results in a high skill ceiling and the concept is accessible for newcomers, since it’s simply football with flying cars. There’s a multi-billion-dollar skin trading market behind CSGO, and as a brand, it’s backed by some top-tier sponsors, the likes of which include the computing giant, Intel. Even when CSGO tournaments were taken offline due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the popular FPS title remained at the top of the table. Finally, it has been confirmed that CSGO betting is the most popular category for esports bettors, with the overall market cap for CSGO markets sitting at around 50% of all esports bets.

Our news stories will help you follow the progress of competitive gaming and get a good idea of where it could be heading next. Whether it’s charting the success of a new gaming hit like Apex Legends, or just seeing how successful mobile esports tournaments are, you’ll get an accurate picture of how things are progressing. Similarly, Counter Strike fans will know that there’s an endless variety of wild and wonderful CSGO tournaments out there. It can sometimes be hard to keep track of all of the different competitive gaming events for this first-person shooter.


They are also personally incentivized to create large amounts of content in order to stand out and gain sponsorships, which can lead to exhaustion and potential health risks from sitting hours on end. It is unlikely that esports would move exclusively to paid-to-watch platforms because part of their appeal is the authentic, direct connection between players and their viewers. Streamers interact with their audience live, respond to questions, and keep up a general conversation with the people viewing them.

  • As a result, none of the games are streamable via Riot’s platforms, nor will AEL teams be invited to compete in international tournaments like the Mid-Season Invitational or Worlds.
  • In 2019, the first (and only) Fortnite World Cup was held, boasting a staggering prize pool.
  • Whilst we all know that classic esports like League of Legends, CSGO and Dota 2 are undeniably the big hitters in the world of competitive gaming, it’s always interesting to see which newer titles are set to make a breakthrough.
  • This part will introduce the reader to the general structures behind video gaming and esports.

The 2020 Overwatch League Grand Finals were perhaps the most exciting in the game’s history. On the eve of the PlayStation 5’s release date, we’ve got 15 games you need to play if you’re getting it on Day One. There have been several major eSports operators, such as Turtle Entertainment, Major League Gaming (MLG), and Dreamhack. Activision Blizzard, one of the leading game publishers, bought out Major League Gaming in 2016 and has also developed its own proprietary eSports platform. The Warzone developers have shared some updates on what we can expect in Season 2 reloaded, including merging Vanguard Royale and regular Battle Royale.

Riot games recently held its first official event in the MENA region, which was part of an initiative by the Saudi Arabian government to transform the country into a globally recognized tourist and entertainment hub. This comes with an official statement from Riot in which Riot showed interest in developing servers and an official professional circuit for the Middle East, which would also serve North Africa. While these developments are an important first step, it is important to recognize that they wouldn’t be enough. Both central and southern Africa would still be too far from the servers; South Africa in particular has large player bases that would continue to be under served.

You’re not wrong, but the entertainment we get from variety shows, sports entertainment, and gaming all are revenue generators regardless of the subject matter intricacies. While streaming is fundamental to esports, it also brings its own host of problems. Professional players and dedicated streamers are pressured by their teams to stream as much as possible in order to increase ad revenue, of which the players get a small fraction.

The first is simple because if a game isn’t fun to play, then it’s not going to be enjoyable to watch and players will lose interest quickly. On the other hand, balance is key because otherwise the game becomes uninteresting. For example, if one gun was outright better than all of the others in Counter-Strike, nobody would use anything else and each match would be incredibly repetitive. One example of an almost-perfect experience with regards to balance is Rocket League esports.

While game publishers or esports broadcasters typically act in oversight roles for specific esports, a number of esports governing bodies have been established to collectively represent esports on a national, regional or global basis. These governing bodies may have various levels of involvement with the esport, from being part of esports regulation to simply acting more as a trade group and public face for esports. Video gaming is the most popular YouTube genre in Scandinavian and Eastern European countries, and many countries have capitalized on the popularity by broadcasting eSports on major sports channels. ESPORTS SCHEDULE, MATCHES AND STREAMS AT ESPORTSGUIDE
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